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Taipei, 10 April 2018 – Electric powertrain startup XING Mobility have released initial testing footage of Miss R, their 1,341hp rally-inspired supercar. The world’s first electric supercar with on-road and off-road capabilities, the vehicle was tested on a wide variety of terrains, including thrashing down a rough gravel path, showcasing its capability on all terrains as well as its four-wheel torque vectoring agility.

Following the tests, conducted in a discrete undisclosed location in March 2018, the company are displaying the vehicle at AutoTronics Taipei this week where Miss R will be previewed alongside its immersive-cooled battery pack, enabling industry professionals to get a closer look at the vehicle’s incredible source of power. Once activated at its full potential, the supercar’s four 350V motors and 1 Megawatt battery pack is projected to reach staggering performance levels of 0-100km/h in 1.8 seconds and 0-200km/h in 5.1 seconds.

2018年4月10日於台北—電動車輛(EV)動力系統新創公司「行競科技」發表了Miss R的全系統測試的影像紀錄。Miss R 是該公司所自主開發的1,341匹馬力超級跑車,也是全球首款同時具備賽道與越野性能的純電超跑。Miss R在多種不同的路面上進行了測試,包括奔馳於碎石路面上,充分展現了該車款應對各種路面的性能,以及四輪傳動扭力分配系統的靈活性。

緊接在2018年3月間進行的內部測試之後,行競科技本周將於台北國際汽車零配件展展示Miss R及其浸沒式液冷模組化電池系統,讓產業界人士得以窺見此車款特殊的動力核心。一旦發揮完全的動力,Miss R的四具350V馬達及其一百萬瓦的電池組,將能達到0-100km/h加速僅需1.8秒、0-200km/h加速僅需5.1秒的超強性能。




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